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Sexual Abuse

Being a victim of sexual abuse of any type or severity can have profoundly negative consequences in later life. Many people who have been abused are aware of what happened, but there are many others whose subconscious minds have buried the traumatic memories, and in these cases they often struggle to make sense of the dysfunction in their lives and relationships.

I have seen many clients who fall into one of these two categories, but it is reassuring to know that I have never had a client who has discovered events of this type in their past and who has not felt very much better for ‘getting it out’. They will inevitably be shocked to learn what happened, but their reactions are always along the lines of ‘Thank God that’s out – I feel so much better’.

As with so many other issues that are buried in our subconscious minds, being deeply relaxed in a hypnotic state gives us access to so much information that we didn’t know that we knew. And with that knowledge we can challenge the negative emotions like shame and guilt (amongst others) that survivors of sexual abuse are often left struggling with.  Hypnosis can be profoundly effective at helping people to process such events, and move on in their lives in a way that many would never have dreamed possible.