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Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia

Illnesses of this type can be extremely depressing and debilitating, partly because it is often clever, active and high-achieving people who often suffer from them, and partly because the medical system has an abysmal record of helping sufferers. There is of course a reason for this, and that is that whilst the illnesses themselves are 100% real, they are caused by the subconscious mind, and no scientist will understand them by looking down a microscope.

To understand these illnesses, there are two things you need to know about your subconscious mind. The first is that it’s primary function is to to ensure your survival and it sometimes make decisions which it thinks (wrongly!) are in your best interests. The second is that it has no sense of time, so when it starts running a program, it will continue to run it for ever – long after it has ceased to be useful or relevant.

The situations that trigger the illness in the first place are overwork, putting too much pressure on yourself or having too much pressure put on you by others. Being the ‘people pleaser’ personality type also makes it more likely to happen. In situations like this your subconscious mind prompts you to slow down, and give yourself a break, but you keep on ignoring the message and pushing yourself. So in order to protect you from burning out, your subconscious mind turns your energy levels right down, or makes you ache in the case of fibromyalgia, to force you to slow down and therefore keep you safe.

Resolving this situation is reasonably simple – it involves hypnotising the client and explaining to the subconscious mind that the client has learned their lesson, and that it would be safe to restore their energy levels to normal. This generally only takes a few sessions – on one occasion a client’s energy levels were almost fully restored in just one session, but that is unusually fast.