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Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem generally stems directly from excessive criticism and negative comments expressed to a person in their childhood by authority figures – usually parents and/or teachers – particularly when the comments are not balanced by appropriate praise and encouragement. The ensuing negative self-view that is ‘installed’ in the subconscious mind becomes what we know as a Core Belief, and without therapy this view will persist, even when it conflicts directly with evidence to the contrary in adult life.

Fortunately the resolution to this situation is fairly simple, because when a person is hypnotised we can successfully challenge these negative self-beliefs, and change them for more accurate and positive ones. This is done by re-visiting the actual events when the comments were made, which the subconscious mind will definitely have recorded, and exposing the inaccuracy of them. The results can often be dramatic and life changing – especially because criticism can often be seen to say much more about the person voicing it than the person on the receiving end of it.