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Weight Loss

If a person struggles to lose weight, it is often because their subconscious mind thinks that there is some advantage to being overweight. There are many different reasons why this might be so – for example:

One of their parents might have been a ‘feeder’, and they have grown up connecting, in their subconscious mind, food with feeling loved.
They may feel vulnerable, because of some childhood event, and wish to ‘hide’ themselves inside a larger body.
If they have been unfortunate enough to have received unwanted male attention when they were younger, their subconscious mind might think that it would be safer for them to make themselves less attractive than they were when it happened.
They may even have simply misunderstood a comment that was made in their childhood, and believe that they won’t be loved of looked after if they are slim, or refuse food that is offered.
Maybe food was scarce when they were young, and their subconscious mind thinks that it would be a good survival strategy to keep high levels of body fat in case food becomes scarce again.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this situation, and it doesn’t involve any willpower. Dieting is NOT the answer, and it never will be. When a person is hypnotised they can reveal the subconscious belief that underlies the over-eating, and we can challenge and change that belief. Once the beliefs of the subconscious mind are brought into line with the conscious mind the weight will come off naturally and easily.