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About me

Whilst we obviously cannot be consciously aware of what our subconscious programs are, there are fairly simple ways of finding out. As a hypnotherapist, in my sessions I aim to identify the programs my patients are running on, and set about changing them.

In my earlier life, the subconscious programs I refer to caused me to frequently indulge in high risk behaviour, make bad decisions, lack self-love and lurch from one dysfunctional relationship to another. After many years I could not escape the obvious fact that the only thing that all my disasters, near misses and broken relationships had in common was me.  I was the only common denominator. In my early fifties I recognised that change was well overdue, but I didn’t know where to start or how to do it.

During this long process of self-discovery I read widely, on subjects as diverse as anthropology, microbiology, neurology, psychology, hypnotism and many others. I also went on many courses, learning about Psychological Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Hypnotherapy, The Lightning Process and Psychotherapy. I find human behaviour fascinating, and I embarked on this journey because there were many things about my own behaviour, and that of my partners, that I struggled to make any sense of at all. However, once I eventually figured out what drove my chaotic behaviour, I turned everything around in a year. I am now calm, non-judgemental and happy in my own skin.

The knowledge I gained through reading and attending courses helped me to identify my underlying problems, and resolve them once and for all. I want to use this knowledge to directly help others to make similarly positive changes in their lives. Despite the fact that I am now an accredited hypnotherapist, I want anyone to be able to understand the messages and the processes, and follow the path I took.

Many people suspect that they need to make some fundamental changes to get their lives on track, but they have absolutely no idea how to do it. They read self-help books, but can’t relate what they read to the nuts and bolts of their own lives. They might even have some counselling, and gain some insight as to why they are the way they are, but that knowledge does not necessarily facilitate fundamental change.

Your subconscious mind so often sabotages what you consciously want, and I give practical advice on what to do about it and how to do it.