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Gambling Addiction

Over the years I have helped many people to stop gambling, and usually in just a few sessions. It is so obvious to these clients that they are throwing money away which they cannot afford to lose that they respond very well to this therapy. Gambling really is the ultimate ‘losers game’, and nobody wants to identify as a loser. Most gamblers lose even when they win, because if they win they go on to make silly bets with their winnings and lose them again.

There is always a reason for this seemingly illogical behaviour, but it is buried in the subconscious mind. Using hypnosis we can find out the mistaken rationale that drives the behaviour, and resolve it quite easily. However deeply rooted the urge to gamble is, it can be changed, and usually quite quickly. I had a client once who was losing over £100,000 per year to his addiction, but he stopped completely after the first session.