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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

This condition is usually related to anxiety. When a person is anxious, their ‘fight or flight’ system is generally activated continuously, and this can have quite debilitating health effects, including IBS. Being in ‘fight or flight’ raises our adrenalin levels, and adrenalin has a whole range of effects on our body to prepare us to fight or flee a predator. The system is only designed to be used for a short period of time because within a few minutes of being confronted by a wild animal you would either have escaped or been eaten!

But modern life sometimes leaves us in a semi-permanent ‘fight or flight’ state which completely alters our bio-chemistry and bodily functions. Our immune system is shut down, along with out digestive system, our ability to think deeply is compromised, our blood glucose goes up, etc, etc. And because running away from a predator is easier if your bowels are not full, adrenalin speeds up the emptying of them – hence the IBS.

The solution is generally similar to treating anxiety because, as explained above, IBS is a symptom of having high adrenalin, and high adrenalin is a symptom of anxiety.