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Can Hypnosis help to resolve Anorexia?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. But it is not Hypnotherapy that is required – it is Hypno-analysis. So what is the difference? When a person is in a hypnotic state, the screen between their conscious and subconscious minds is removed, and this allows two things to happen. The first is that new, positive ideas can be taken in at a deep level, and this is what is known as Hypnotherapy. The second is that unhelpful ideas and beliefs can be challenged and changed, and this is what is called Hypno-analysis.

I have worked with many anorexic clients over the years, and working together, we have never failed to identify and change the subconsciously held beliefs that have been sabotaging their health and happiness. The potential reasons for a person becoming anorexic are too many and varied to list here, and often a combination of beliefs and events leads to the problem developing. By definition, because the beliefs are subconsciously held, the person is consciously unaware of them. But when the person relaxes into a hypnotic state they can reveal what they don’t know that they believe. Once revealed, their erroneous beliefs can of course be challenged and changed.

I am working with a 23 yr old client at the moment, and this is her perspective on her therapy after six sessions:

Hypno-analysis has been instrumental in helping me uncover and address the subconscious beliefs and patterns that have really been driving my struggles with anorexia – much of which I wasn’t even aware of! This has been absolutely KEY and is so often overlooked. Delving into the roots has given me a profound understanding of my illness and myself on a whole new level. By questioning and changing these deep-seated beliefs, I’ve started to regain control over my thoughts and behaviours, experiencing a newfound clarity and empowerment that have truly changed my life.

I never imagined I could come this far, but every session feels like a powerful step closer to recovery. I’m feeling more hopeful and confident than ever before. This therapy has made a world of difference, and I’m certain its impact will stay with me for the rest of my life. This is, without a doubt, THE most valuable therapy I’ve ever had – it can truly change your life – or like me, perhaps even save it.

This lady had been anorexic for four years, and her BMI was 15.4 at the start of her therapy. Six sessions later it had increased to 16.6, and is continuing to improve. Previously such an increase would have horrified her, but what was particularly encouraging about this is that she was delighted with the increase and was keen to keep making more progress.

Anorexia really is resolvable. Not all Hypno-analysts will have specific experience of working with anorexic clients, but if you can find one that does, the experience could be life-changing.

If you are within travelling distance of Tonbridge and you are battling this disorder, don’t hesitate to seek help. Contact me today to start your journey towards recovery and reclaim your life.